Build loyalty with cross-selling and up-selling offers

With Hotjar, you can set up an NPS survey directly on your store, to collect customer reviews in real time, or send your survey by email after an order.

The software also allows you to store survey Build loyalty  selling offerswith  results, track score changes and fluctuations, and get meaningful feedback from customers on what needs improvement. You can also ask follow-up questions, based on your customers’ initial responses, to get in-depth answers.


Zonka collects customer and employee feedback through CSAT, CES and NPS surveys. It captures experiences and feedback at all touchpoints: offline via QR Codes, on your e-commerce, by email, SMS, etc.

This software allows you to customize your  selling offers NPS surveys. You can add your own brand background, colors, and elements without having to code.

You receive real-time alerts by email and SMS for  Build loyalty with  all negative feedback. This allows you to take immediate action to resolve issues and speak to unhappy customers .

Zonka also allows you to convert each customer Cayman Islands Phone Number List comment into a task to collaborate with your team and resolve service issues more easily.

Multi-channel communication

Delighted boasts of being the fastest and easiest way to gather actionable insights from your customers. It uses the Net Promoter System to capture honest feedback from your buyers in minutes.

Fast and intuitive, Delighted allows you to send a single question to your customers by email, SMS or via a link (to be shared following a conversation on social networks, for example).

You can also ask visitors directly on your merchant site. They have the opportunity to evaluate your product/service and leave an opinion. Feedback appears instantly in your dashboard, allowing you to analyze your NPS in real time.

You can use Wootric to collect feedback at the best times! Focus on the critical points in the journey that make or break customer loyalty.

Wootric offers NPS email templates that allow you to send surveys directly from your emailing tool (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor…), your marketing automation solution (Hubspot, Marketo…) or your CRM (Salesforce, Zoho…). The results appear directly in the dashboard of the synchronized tool.

Another great option from Wootric is integrating NPS Phone Number MX surveys right into your mobile app. In-app surveys typically achieve much higher  selling offers response rates than  Build loyalty with  email-based surveys. However, respondents are more likely to leave qualitative feedback in an email survey. The ideal is therefore to use Wootric on these two channels!

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