Tools for optimizing your income

Tools for optimizing your income

The community of freelancers can also be a support that brings you experience and new missions. Find out if the payroll company organizes events, workshops and meetings Tools for optimizing  between freelancers. This is one of the important criteria for giving your business a boost, especially if you have no professional network.

4. Services

What services does the payroll company offer? The higher its management fee, the more important the services must be.

Remember to check that the company offers:

  • Quick availability and personalized support;
  • The provision of a referent, easily reachable;
  • Complete management of administrative tasks;
  • The implementation of employee savings plans;
  • Professional training or events to improve your skills;
  • Professional tools to facilitate the follow-up of your activities.

Technology is at the service of your business! There are online apps, tools, and software that can help you track, manage, and improve your business. However, they can be expensive for a freelancer.

payroll company can subscribe to professional tools and pool costs through its freelance network.

Result: you have access to innovative services or products, at lower costs, which make you gain in productivity and performance!

6. Expertise and financial security

A wage portage company manages your turnover. Therefore, it ensures a minimum remuneration when a customer does not pay his bill.

The collective wage portage agreement induces a minimum remuneration equal to 77% of the monthly social security ceiling (2,591 euros) for a full-time equivalent. In other words, the chosen company must have a solid cash flow, which allows it to advance your remuneration, pending payment from the client.

In addition, it takes care of the  Tools for optimizing   charges (owed to the URSSAF), as well as the reimbursement of professional expenses. The portage Bolivia Phone Number List company selected must therefore master the workings of the French administration, but also have an accounting and legal team to support it (and above all, support YOU) if necessary.

7. The sector of activity covered

Several wage portage companies specialize in one sector: crafts, digital, real estate, etc. Remember to check that the selected company supports your activity.

Why is this important? This ensures that it knows the specifics of your business to provide you with effective services, including advice and appropriate training.


Are you looking for the best carrier company? She is surely in this top 10!

Before choosing the company to entrust with  Phone Number MX  Tools for optimizing  your turnover, remember to check the business sectors supported, the benefits offered and the support services, especially if you are new to the business. Entrepreneurship and freedom are yours!

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