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Freelancers are free to choose their assignments and who they want to work with. Of course, this choice is made according to the expertise of the freelancer and his  The individual field of activity.In this article, we list the 4 types of clients to be prospected by freelancers , with the advantages and disadvantages of each of them!

In some cases, an individual can call on a freelancer and seek his help for the realization of his personal project. An amateur photographer can for example look for a web developer to build a website on which to distribute his works. In the same way, a professional and freelance photographer can provide wedding photos for a private couple.

The advantages :

  • Often the individual does not have major constraints and leaves the freelancer relatively free in his work.
  • This freedom allows the freelancer to work more quickly when requested by an individual.
  • Invoicing a particular customer is optional for services below €25 (but of course, mandatory beyond this amount). The individual tends to pay very quickly.

Cons :

  • An individual pays with his personal funds  The individual and does not have the cash flow of a company. His budget is therefore likely to be tight.
  • It is necessary to provide the particular client with the General Conditions of Sale before starting the mission.

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2. Les start-ups

The expertise of the freelancer as well as his flexibility, greater  The individual than that of an employee, are able to attract start-uppers regardless of the stage of development of their company. This is why it is common for a start-up to surround itself with several freelancers in the development phase.

The advantages :

  • The projects are always innovative and the working atmosphere is most often relaxed. Even for a serious project, the small number of members in the team (most often young) brings a friendliness that we will not necessarily find among other types of clients.
  • Another original feature is that service providers’ payment  Phone Number MX terms are often short and rarely exceed 15 days.

Cons :

  • The budget of a start-up can vary from 1 to 100 and depends on its stage of development, possible fundraising, the presence of a business angel, etc.
  • Insofar as the freelancer costs less than  The individual an employee for a company, we must remain vigilant and monitor the fact that the mission does not turn into disguised employment.

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