How to choose your wage portage company

How to choose your wage portage company

As its name suggests, WebPortage is a wage portage company specializing in supporting freelancers in the web sector.

Since 2015, it has managed more than 13,000 freelancers. His particuliarity ? 100% online management. Via a mobile application, you manage your activity How to choose  from creating quotes to monitoring cash flow, including invoicing, customer relations and even compensation management.

The commissions charged by WebPortage vary between 5 and 8%.

10. Prior Portage

On the list, Prium Portage is the second wage portage company with the zero hidden costs label. It only charges a 5% management fee.

More than 600 freelancers are supported by the company, with its 11 years of experience. Prium Portage also supports employees who are inclined to find assignments. And to help them optimize their income, it offers:

  • Optimal management of professional expenses;
  • Employee savings;
  • Gift vouchers;
  • Sponsorship offers.

Even among our selection, and with more than 200 companies available in France, the choice is vast! Here are 7 criteria to consider when choosing your wage portage company .

1. Transparency in management fees

The management or operating costs constitute the remuneration of the wage portage company. In general, they vary between 5 and 15% of your income or turnover. Some  How to choose  companies offer a decreasing rate depending on the seniority and/or skills of the freelancer.

It is important to know this rate in order to clearly determine your final remuneration. This is why you need to make sure that there are no hidden charges. The payroll company must clearly indicate whether professional liability costs, taxes and duties  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List are part of the levy rate. If so, you will need to add them.

Normally, the wage portage company provides you with a payslip simulation. This allows you to have a clear idea of ​​your salary and the fees charged, to better compare offers.

2. The portfolio

The portfolio of a wage portage company includes its client companies, but also the network of freelancers it manages. This information is important to fully understand the professional ecosystem around you.

The more satisfied the company’s customers are, the more chances you have of obtaining exclusive missions. Indeed, the latter will tend to How to choose  seek recommendations from the freelancers with whom they already work… This is therefore an opportunity to take advantage of the network provided by the umbrella company!

Remember to check the reputation of the  Phone Number MX company on specialized forums, as well as the portfolio of freelancers. It may be relevant to integrate a community that does not yet have entrepreneurs in your field of activity.


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