Discover our selection of 12 tools to boost your cross selling and your up selling 

Discover our selection of 12 tools to boost your cross selling and your up selling 

Your loyal customers should feel valued. Offer specific reductions, make them benefit from exceptional offers, invite them to events organized by your  Discover our selection  company. In a word, pamper Build loyalty with  them! 62% of them are fond of these little touches that allow them to save money on their purchases.Cross -selling encourages customers to order products associated with their previous purchases. As for up -selling , it designates a move upmarket and aims to sell a product that is more expensive and “superior” to the one it already has.

In both cases, the key to success lies in customizing its offer according to customer expectations.


7. Private sales

Who says private sale, says privileged status! By establishing a close relationship with your customers, they feel that you care about them.

Offer your customers privileged access to your new  Discover our selection  products or exceptional discounts. This method inevitably improves their sense of satisfaction with your business. They will tend to check your newsletters regularly, on the lookout for good deals.

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8. Constant innovation

The study conducted by Blackhawk Network tells us that 76% of consumers Build loyalty with  are loyal to a brand if it knows how to renew itself: always on the lookout for the latest trendy items, your customers will not hesitate to turn to your competitors if you do not don’t go with the flow.

To retain your consumers, do not rest on your laurels! Find out how to improve your services and find new products that they won’t find anywhere else.

9. Multi-channel communication

In the digital age, customer relations are no longer Discover our selection  limited to the telephone. Communication is multi-channel: online after-sales service, website, social networks, chatbots , etc.

These channels allow consumers to interact in Build loyalty with  real time with brands, according to their needs and according to the time of day. They can then obtain additional information on a product, be guided in their purchases or find a solution to a problem.

56% of consumers will be more loyal if you  Cyprus Phone Number List take the time to talk to them through social media and update your profiles.

Be wherever your customers are to constantly engage with them, to stay on top of their minds.

10. La gamification

Bring some play into your marketing! Gamification allows you to reward your customers at each purchase level crossed or as the subscription  Discover our selection  period progresses. The older  Phone Number MX Build loyalty with  the customer, the more he interacts with your brand and the more he is rewarded!Promo offers, vouchers, gifts, subscription discounts… the rewards can be many and varied.

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