The plural profile of loyal customers

The plural profile of loyal customers

While conversion still remains a key objective of any digital strategy, customer retention should not be overlooked – especially when you know that retaining a customer costs less than acquiring a new one.Plus, your company’s current customers spend an average of 31% more The plural  than your new customers, according to an infographic by lead generation company Fieldboom . Even better: by retaining 5% of your customers, it is possible to increase your profits by 25 to 90%.

Faced with the certain advantages it represents, it is essential to equip yourself with a loyalty strategy. However, how do you keep your customers when the competition is fierce? Discover all our advice to guarantee the loyalty of your buyers.

Factors favorable to loyalty

Consumers are known to be fickle. They can very quickly switch from one brand or company to another. Nevertheless, there are certain factors that promote customer loyalty.

86% of consumers believe that loyalty is only possible when a form of friendliness exists between the brand and consumers.

The Twitter social network is considered a reference on which consumers can rely. 30% of potential customers confirm that they are likely to recommend a company that answers their questions on Twitter. This figure increases to 44% when it comes to sharing their customer experience (online or offline).

The social network even contributes to the increase in sales since it encourages consumers to buy more from a brand if the latter interacts with them.

To pamper your customers , bet on these Costa Rica Phone Number List   social The plural  platforms! They will be delighted to discuss with you before, during and after the purchase, to take advantage of your advice. They will then be more inclined to talk about you to those around them and to buy from you again.

Unlike men, women are more loyal to a product or service, regardless of its quality, price or benefits.

Facebook users, on the other hand, attach The  Phone Number MX plural  themselves more easily to a brand. The more they connect to the social network, the more they are inclined to be loyal (+125%) to a brand. The same is true for Instagram.

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