Use your teams to improve response rates

Use your teams to improve response rates

Reliable statistics are essential to identify changes in the life of your business.When launching satisfaction surveys , prefer a small sample of 100 people to thousands  Use your teams  of prospects. Also, do several surveys at regular intervals rather than one big survey once a year.Also remember to include an estimate of the margin of error, regardless of the size of your sample. This will allow you to effectively measure the accuracy of the data.

Very often, companies offer gifts to those who participate in surveys (voucher, participation in a draw, reduction, etc.). These incentives skew the results; eventually, they cause customers to reject your new requests.

What you need to do to overcome this problem is to involve your front line teams such as customer service, sales, community manager and all your employees in regular contact with consumers.

This way, they can inform them in advance about the survey and explain its importance. You will gain more sincere and reliable answers.

3. Create regular reports

A single NPS report is not enough. Several are needed to ensure an objective comparison of your data. So, do one every 2 months, at a minimum. Otherwise, your decision-making will be truncated!

Furthermore, it is essential to know if the score is increasing, decreasing or stagnating. A consistent data collection process that leverages automation will help you fight inertia and meet deadlines.

4. Highlight your score drivers

On what criteria do customers judge your products or services? By investigating your consumer satisfaction , you will observe that certain elements are responsible  Use your teams  for your excellent score. These are called score drivers. These are the key factors you can rely on to keep your Net Promoter Score in the right direction. These can be one or two features specific to your product, an additional service, a unique quality, a color, a material, etc.

To facilitate the success of the process, analyze Colombia Phone Number List and list these key elements. You’ll still be able to collect side comments and ask post-sale questions to uncover drivers you didn’t think of at first.

5. Consider the seasons

The Net Promoter Score is generally based on the evolution of the market according to the seasons . A normal fluctuation that you can hardly counter! For Use your teams  example, if you sell winter sports equipment, it is normal to have a better score between October Phone Number MX  and February than during the summer months.

However, you can identify these trends to compare them from one year to the next. Perhaps some steps can be taken to increase this scoring, even if the season is not conducive to selling your products/services. It’s up to you to investigate!

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