The price: Blank offers a free trial offer for 1 month. No commitment is required

Having a professional bank account dedicated to your freelance activity is not an obligation. However, it allows you to better manage your finances, manage your cash flow  The price: Blank  efficiently and give a reliable image to your business.

All banks offer offers dedicated to businesses. However, the rates or conditions differ. In general, it is the online banks that do well by offering tailor-made formulas at advantageous prices for freelancers.

So let’s go ! Let’s compare 10 banks where freelancers are welcome in 2023!

A subsidiary of Crédit Agricole, Blank is an online bank dedicated to the self-employed. In 10 minutes you can open an account and manage your finances.

Intuitive and practical, the mobile application  The price: Blank  helps you consult your accounts from anywhere. You check, at a glance, if the last invoices have been paid.

Moreover, Blank integrates an invoicing and Denmark Phone Number List  estimate tool, helping you to produce compliant documents in a few clicks.

In addition, the online bank takes care of your URSSAF declarations! A service that saves you 2 hours per month.

And if the test is conclusive, you can subscribe from €6 excl. VAT / month.

Shine promises to “simplify your daily life as an entrepreneur”! More than just an online bank, the application provides tools to manage your finances, manage your cash flow and invoice your customers in just a few clicks.

Online payment is also included in its offers. In a few seconds, your customers can pay by bank transfer or bank card. Of course, if you accept checks, it will be possible to receive them and deposit them in your online account.

The price: When subscribing to Shine, you Phone Number MX  receive The price: Blank a Mastercard for your professional activity. The application offers you a month of trial, without obligation. Then, the first formula starts at 7.90€ excl. VAT / month


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