Disseminating your company’s values ​​internally and externally

Disseminating your company’s values ​​internally and externally

To tell a story in several parts : your corporate communication can take the form of a storytelling in several articles. The ideal is to sponsor them so that your audience Disseminating your  follows all the chapters.To give a point of view : a consultant from your company can write an article where he gives his opinion and advice on a subject related to your activity. Without trying to promote your services, this content proves your expertise in your market and indirectly promotes your products and services.

Corporate video is a powerful tool for

But in the age of short, vertical and fun formats, such as TikTok videos or Reels, it needs an upgrade!

If you want to unite your audience, get closer to your audience and enjoy a modern image, think of trendy concepts like Brut or Konbini, for example. You could broadcast quick interviews of your employees, partners or customers.

Why not take up challenges on TikTok, related to your  Disseminating your  commitments? Many influencers raise awareness in their community about ecological issues. If your company is working to reduce its environmental impact, partnering with these content creators to communicate about your commitments is a great idea.

You also have the option of launching a web series to surf the Netflix trend. Each episode can present a key value of your organization, an association that you support, an employee of the company, a customer… It’s up to you, depending on the theme of your series!

The good news is that these new formats require very little investment in hardware and software. Consumers appreciate authentic content, even when it comes to corporate communication.

The example of Groupe Bel speaks volumes. The Hong Kong Phone Number List France Phone Number List  videos, in vertical format, use the codes of express interviews. The questions are asked on slides, with catchy music, before the expert answers. The shaping is classic, but authentic. Customers really feel that the speakers are talking to them.

5. CSR, an essential trend in institutional communication

Sustainable development, solidarity and circular  V economy, inclusion, diversity… These concepts resonate with current consumers. If you want to reach this audience who wants a better world, your institutional communication must promote your CSR policy.

  • What are you doing to reduce your waste, your CO² emissions and your carbon footprint?
  • What actions in favor of diversity and  Phone Number MX inclusion have you implemented?
  • Which associations do you support on a daily basis?
  • What is your gender equality index?
  • What measures have you taken to America Email promote well-being at work?


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