Outgoing call-tracking: make sure you have recontacted all your prospects!

Outgoing call-tracking: make sure you have recontacted all your prospects!

Did you know that it is during phone calls to a Outgoing call-tracking:  company that purchase intentions are the most numerous? And that despite the considerable development of contact points, the telephone remains the preferred mode of contact for your potential customers? This is why it is important not to neglect the follow-up of incoming calls in the calculation of the ROI of your campaigns!

This is where Magnetis Call-tracking comes in. This tracking solution is essential to help you improve your marketing campaigns and to streamline the telephone journey.

Call tracking, what is it?

Call-tracking consists of monitoring a company’s incoming and outgoing calls, and thus collecting the data needed to analyze the performance of your marketing actions and your telephone calls.

Magnétis is a Call-tracking solution  Outgoing call-tracking: developed for this purpose, bringing you the most reliable and complete results in an easy-to-use interface. Convenient and easy to set up, this call tracking tool is suitable for all sizes and types of businesses and does not require any change in telephony!

Inbound call -tracking helps determine which communication channels generate the most inbound leads.

To do this, the Magnetis solution assigns a tracked number, dedicated to each of the channels used for your campaigns (online and offline). For example, you can track calls from:

  • An Internet site,
  • A Google business listing,
  • Google Ads ads,
  • social networks,
  • poster campaigns,
  • Flyers or business cards,
  • Ad portals…

As you will have understood, each telephone contact South Korea Phone Number List  point can be measured! This makes it possible to better understand the behavior of the prospect and his journey through the sales funnel , and to identify the communication actions that convert the best.

18% of missed calls in all sectors combined in 2021, these are as many calls as you can recover thanks to Call-tracking!

Thanks to the interface that makes the data available in real time, discover the different indicators:

  • Dashboard: calls received, unsuccessful and average call duration
  • Geographic statistics: by country, region, department and city
  • Periodic statistics: call peaks per day and per hour
  • Sector statistics: comparison of your call performance with that of your sector of activity
  • Behavioral statistics: internet users (pages viewed before and after call, length of visit before call)

To sum up, all of this data will Outgoing call-tracking:  allow you to Phone Number MX evaluate the commercial performance of your communication channels, to make strategic and organizational decisions, to streamline your customer journey and above all to optimize your marketing budget!


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