The key: encouraging customers to express their emotions

Emotional intelligence. This is a term that tends to become more popular, especially in companies concerned with retaining their customers. Behind this expression lies  The key: encouraging  the ability to recognize, understand and manage one’s own emotions as well as those of others. Indispensable to salespeople, this quality allows them to adapt their behavior to achieve objectives and close a sale.Indeed, we tend to believe that purchasing decisions are only based on logic, the rational. In truth, the success of a negotiation or a marketing campaign relies on triggers that appeal to emotions. Nevertheless, a little practice will be necessary to fully master emotional intelligence!

The 5 axes of emotional intelligence

Far from being recent, the classic model of emotional intelligence was formulated by the scientific writer Daniel Goleman, in the mid-1990s. This concept, brought up to date, is part of a commercial understanding approach, to increase conversions and retention rates. In a world where authenticity, transparency and emotions are the spearhead of consumption, the model developed by The key: encouraging Daniel Goleman takes on its full meaning.

According to him, emotional intelligence consists of 5 axes that all salespeople must master:

  • Self-awareness : the ability to detect, identify and understand one’s own emotions and their potential impact on the emotional state of other people.
  • Self-regulation: the ability to control one’s own feelings and impulses, in order to avoid negatively disturbing the emotional state of others.
  • Socialization : the willingness to establish  Estonia Phone Number List relationships and maintain meaningful connections with other people.
  • Empathy : the ability to identify the emotions of others and respond appropriately.
  • Motivation : the will, dynamism, morale or enthusiasm of a person to undertake or carry out a particular action .

All of these skills can be learned and developed over time through practice and training.

The success of a sale depends on your ability to let the customer speak from the heart. As a salesperson, you must encourage him to “empty his bag”. What are his underlying frustrations? What are, on the contrary, his greatest motivations?

Like a psychologist, you must guide him Phone Number MXV towards the expression of his deep feelings. Even when he seems finished, ask if he has more to say. Thanks to The key: encouraging  this attitude, a climate of trust is established. After this moment of sincerity, the client will feel more relaxed and understood. He will therefore be more apt to listen to you.

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