Define the objectives well

Faced with an increasingly demanding environment, many companies are adopting project management. The risk of drift appears quickly. Multi-project Define the  management presents crucial issues, with potential impacts on the success of the strategic plan:Manage an ever-increasing mental load.Meet overlapping deadlines.Maintain employee productivity.To gain peace of mind, several methods allow you to manage a portfolio of projects and monitor it effectively, without generating unwanted stress.

Both your teams and managers have everything to gain by applying them and setting up a management tool. and present their advice to you to avoid stress when managing your multiple projects.



1. Centralize your projects

The management of several projects inevitably starts with centralization within the same tool . Excel is now quickly outdated given the number and complexity of projects in a company.

The teams are diverse and can come from different departments, so it is essential to promote collaborative work. Without centralization, you risk being overwhelmed and the risk of failure is real.

Consolidating your portfolio will allow you to:

  • easily juggle between your different El-Salvador Phone Number List teams, deadlines and your dashboards;
  • to have a precise inventory of the progress of the tasks, accessible to all and at any time;
  • effectively manage the allocation of resources.

The global dashboard is useful for  Define the optimizing your management and controlling the risks of drift.

This roadmap can be integrated into your multi-project management tool

The first stage of a project involves your objectives: it is essential to determine them when drafting the specifications. The reflection must lead to reasonable and achievable objectives, assessed at the level of each project. You will thus have an exhaustive cartography.

Some objectives are essential:

  • Time limit.
  • Nature of deliverables.
  • Respect your budget.


Be vigilant: the objectives must be understood and therefore precise.

The SMART method will be useful, but above all remember the following points:

  • The timing must be precise: a definite  Define the date is essential.
  • It is necessary to quantify the objectives: 10% increase in Phone Number MX turnover, 15 new customers are telling examples.
  • They must be realistic, at the risk of immediately discouraging your teams.


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