Avoid micro-management

4. Adjust calendars

Untenable deadlines are one of the biggest stressors for your employees. Increased pressure can lead to serious situations such as burnout and therefore  Avoid micro work stoppages. Appropriate retroplanning limits this risk.

In addition, a frequent bad practice when managing several projects concerns the poor management of deadlines, with several deadlines on the same dates or too close together.

A tool allows you to detect these drifts in the blink of an eye. For example, you can use a Gantt chart and identify these sources of stress.

Adjusting calendars by staggering deadlines will allow your employees to better manage their workload, and you will gain peace of mind.

The “Advanced Project Management” template

This mode of management can become harmful for the teams. It results in an intense and excessive control of the work of the employees, which is perceived as a lack of confidence.

To get out of this system, delegation and trust are the keys. By leaving room for maneuver to employees, they will be more involved and more serene. An effective tool allows them to prioritize their tasks themselves.

A retroplanning coupled with a global dashboard will allow you to detect load drifts or alerts on deadlines, without oppressing the teams. If everything is under control, let them do it and continue to follow your dashboard, without constantly asking them for reports.

You must focus on macro management Egypt Phone Number List  and  Avoid micro manage risks, making the necessary trade-offs. The OKR method, for example, can help you find the right balance.

 Use the right tools

To apply these tips and methods, a management tool will quickly become essential. monday.com was created to support teams in project management, saving time to be efficient and productive.

You will be able to create a centralized project portfolio. monday.com offers you ready-to-use templates to make it easy to set up. Two models will be particularly suitable:

  • The “Multiple Projects” template

monday.com provides for the setting up of automatic alerts: email reminders make it possible to anticipate deadlines and monitor priority milestones or deadlines. Employees are guided in the performance of their tasks.

Several integrations also facilitate  Avoid micro  Phone Number MX collaboration: Slack, Zoom or Teams are among the applications that synchronize with monday.com.

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