selection criteria for choosing the right CRM ERP

selection criteria for choosing the right CRM ERP

ERP and CRM are essential software to support the growth of companies, whatever their size.While the similarities between the two tools are strong, entrepreneurs often choose to subscribe to two separate software programs to manage their order selection criteria processes and customer relations. This is combined with the other tools used on a daily basis: drive, project management software, automation tool, etc. However, this widespread practice represents a significant waste of time for users who navigate between the many tools and a significant investment.

Aware of the difficulties that the accumulation of tools represents for small and medium-sized structures, Hootis has developed a modular ERP/CRM adapted to freelancers (micro-entrepreneurs), start-ups (VSEs, SMEs) and web/digital agencies. Let’s discover this tool together.

What is a modular CRM ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is software that integrates all of a company’s information and processes into its database, from one end of the chain of command to the other:

  • sales,
  • purchases,
  • finances,
  • human ressources,
  • etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is designed to help companies manage and track their customers. The tool thus makes it possible to:

  • list prospects and their activity,
  • follow the turnover by customer,
  • launch marketing campaigns,
  • etc.

The modular ERP/CRM brings together these different functionalities in a single tool. It allows entrepreneurs to obtain a global vision of their sales processes and their results without having to cross-check the data stored in different tools. Some tools like Hootis even combine these features with other useful applications for small/medium structures and web/digital agencies. This simplifies business management, while reducing costs.

As its name suggests, a modular ERP/CRM is a scalable solution: you can add or remove functionalities according to your needs, while maintaining the consistency of the system.

A scalable ERP/CRM solution is not Ecuador Phone Number List limited to any particular industry or company size, and can be configured to meet the distinct needs of each client. Freelancers, VSEs, SMEs, digital agencies… ERP/CRM adapts to the needs of all structures, whatever their sector of activity.

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Hootis, a complete modular ERP/CRM

Developed by a freelancer who became a web  selection criteria  agency director, Hootis takes into consideration all the needs of these two structures to offer a fully customizable toolbox for your business:

  • ERP: accounting, planning, etc.
  • CRM: prospecting, customer follow-up, invoicing, etc.
  • Automatic emails: prospecting, reminder of payments, etc.
  • Secure password manager
  • Project management/ KANBAN
  • website builder
  • Drive
  • Wiki
  • Scrapers (directories, Google results)

Hootis brings together all the essential features of your various tools in one place so you can focus on your core business, without wasting time.

To choose the right ERP/CRM software, you will need to seriously consider a number of criteria.

1. Modularity

Many companies combine various tools for their management: Google Drive for file sharing , Excel for accounting, Trello for project management… Navigating  selection criteria  between these different software quickly becomes time-consuming on a daily basis.

A modular ERP/CRM like Hootis allows you to Phone Number MX  centralize all the functionalities you need. You can then separate yourself from this multitude of software and save precious time.

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