The IT charter reinforces cybersecurity

The IT charter reinforces cybersecurity

Strengthening cybersecurity is the main asset of an IT charter! Data leakage and hacking can be very expensive for a business. And contrary to some popular belief, it’s not just large groups that attract hackers!43% of cyberattacks affect SMEs and 60% of impacted small businesses file for bankruptcy within 6 months. In 95% of cases, human error is the cause of data leakage.

It is therefore important to make your staff aware of good cybersecurity practices . It starts with the IT charter. Clear, well-written policies can go a long way to minimizing these risks.

You can, for example, set limits on the use of The IT charter personal computer tools or define a password policy within your company. Without forgetting to remember the basic rules in terms of protection against malicious software  : avoid opening attachments from strangers, call your manager in case of doubt, do not write your identifiers on a post-it, use words strong passwords, etc.

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10 points to include in your IT charter

Now that you know the value of an IT charter, it’s time to start creating it. Here are the 10 elements to integrate .

1. Use of personal equipment

The use by the employee of personal tools (computer, telephone, etc.) in the context of his work is a delicate point. Indeed, such a practice is both dangerous for the security of the company’s data . But also threatens the respect of the employee’s personal information .

If it is preferable to simply prohibit the use of personal  The IT charter  equipment. Another solution consists in setting up a “hermetic” space on the employee’s device, in which data and applications for professional use will be stored.

This allows the company to exercise control Turkey Phone Number List  over the worker’s activities without accessing all of their data.

2. Means of monitoring

The monitoring of employees’ activities by the employer is subject to certain limitations that you should be aware of.

First, if it is possible to access the employee’s personal connections, files and emails. his can only be done in his presence.

The use of a device to control e-mails or  Phone Number MX activities The IT charter on the Internet is permitted provided that:

  • To have consulted the staff representatives;
  • To have informed the employees beforehand;
  • To have made a declaration to the CNIL.

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