If you are able to transmit your vocation to your business there

If you are able to transmit your vocation to your business there

One of the keys to business success is that the company’s brand purpose coincides with that of the founder or manager. Companies are made by people, and they usually reflect the personality of the person who founded or directs them. Adapting it in each case to its scale, if we manage to combine our personal purpose with that of our project, if what moves us internally is what we do in our work, there is no one who can stop us! This happens both on a large scale in large companies (there are numerous examples of companies that reflect the personal purpose of their founders or their managers), and in our projects or jobs. When what motivates us,

Marketing from the inside out and from less to more

This principle is a reflection of my marketing philosophy, I believe it is the process that we must follow in all cases to put order in the company’s marketing activity. This way of doing things takes on special importance in times of crisis like the current one. Returning to the roots of marketing will help us refocus our efforts. “If you want your business to work, the first thing is that you and your employees are healthy and confident to category email list do the job well. Obviously within a context of a lot of pressure and crisis, but within those possibilities, as a manager of that business or head of a department, I can transmit that confidence and give the necessary tools so that my people are well and do their jobs well. Once they are well,

The greatest transformation is personal

What we teach in the book will allow us to translate the ideas that managers and/or department directors may Phone Number MX have into a digital strategy that allows them to begin the way out of this crisis. This is the challenge that less digital companies have always had. They have the knowledge, experience, etc. but it’s hard for them to take the leap. The value contribution of entrepreneurs is in the project itself, not in the communication channels It is very common to find how entrepreneurs, due to lack of budget, become experts in digital channels ( SEO , email marketi

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