The reason why online events don’t work

One of the sectors that has been most directly affected has been the events sector. The break began with the Mobile World Congress and finally the sector came to a screeching halt. Confinement made everything move online. This meant that many events were canceled and others were held 100% online. Added to this are the events that were already online, and all the webinars that have been launched these weeks. The result? A veritable torrent of online events. It was the most logical outlet both for events and for communication between companies and professionals. Every day we received three or four options: webinars, Instagram live streams, videos,… content in abundance! We reached a very high saturation level.

Why online events don't work

The reason? From my point of view, online events can fail for several reasons. From a poor definition of the value proposition, to the lack of differentiation, to saturation,… but the reality is that online events have a big top industry data problem, they are not really events . Being online, 99% of them stay in the content and lose a fundamental part of the events: networking. This is the winning combination. When you go to an event , you do it for the content, but fundamentally because it also allows you to establish new contacts, have meetings with clients, and all of this combined with some leisure.

How to launch an online event that works?

We are already clear that they must combine content and networking. But how to do this online? With the content we are clearer: value contribution, good segmentation, dynamism, lead qualification , etc. But the challenge is in networking. To start inspiring you, I am going to give you two Phone Number MX xamples of online events that offer a different formula: Lunchclub firesides : Lunchclub is a platform that allows you to make 1-on-1 connections with people with professional profiles that are complementary to yours. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and the truth is that I’m meeting some amazing people (if you want to try the platform you can do so using this invitation ). 

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