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 I’ll talk about one of these below: Do you Your Passport want to register domains at incredible prices? DonDominio offers Blogger3.0 readers a 30% discount for registering and transferring .COM and .NET domains and for registering .ES domains. Discount valid until 12/31/2022. You simply have to enter the code BLOGGER3CERO22 in the purchasing process to get it. Unancor: the beast that never stops improving One of the many things I like most about Unancor is that they are very strict when it comes to accepting media on their platform because it is a guarantee that low-quality newspapers and blogs will not be “sneaked in,” at least en masse.

Do you want to register Your Passport domains at incredible prices

They have recently introduced category email list the Affinity functionality that is responsible for searching for the media most similar to yours and which, together with the spam indicator , makes the task of finding the best websites on which to insert your links much easier. If you add Affinity’s organic traffic filters, keywords and other metrics, it won’t take you long to know where you need to buy your links. In fact, this filter system is one of the features that Unancor users most appreciate because it allows almost millimeter precision when finding links.

Together with the spam indicator makes the task

You can even create your own custom Phone Number MX filters to apply them in a single click and save even more time. Unancor filters Unancor filters By the way, on finding the perfect link I did this video masterclass back in the day at . We continue. In Unancor there is a very interesting option and it is to be able to place links in articles that are already positioning , which will help speed up obtaining results, as they are.

URLs with authority and ideally with traffic. In any case, every time I execute this practice I try to get the webmaster to update the content that is linking to me with new text so that the inclusion of the new link is more natural in the eyes of Google (it is not the same as someone rewriting an article and By the way, add a link, edit an article and just insert a link ).

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