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I like to add descriptions because, for eample, it will be easier for a new co-worker in data analysis to find hisher way in the maze of data in GA . Description of the parameter after configuration can be seen here Don’t forget to save your settings! Finally, I’ll show you how you can use parameter information as custom dimensions. Go, for eample, to the event report. Find the custom event in the list. In my eample, it will be an event nam ‘newsletter_download’. By clicking on the + sign, I will be able to add the additional dimension you already know from Universal Analytics.

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As you can see, the list of additional dimensions is very large. Here’s how to register the custom dimensions I show above As a result, you will get the final effect as shown in the screen below More interesting tips for GA can be found on our  Sempai blog in the Web Analytics section . Google Analytics . Step phone number list Appendi How to debug in GTM and GA Joanna Horoszko January , You will read in ~ min. Debugging is the process of testing and verifying the implementation and removing any errors from English – bug means error. In analytical implementations, we have two debugging tools at our disposal.

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Until recently, it was only a preview mode in Google Tag Manager. For several months, however, Google has also add this possibility in the GA service. From the article you will learn how to use the benefits of debug views. As an eample, let’s take the custom event implementation I wrote about here . Go to Google Tag Manager and start preview mode. You will be ask for the url where you want to debug the deployment. of the site and in debug mode Phone Number MX click through to the url you are interest in.

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