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Thanks to this, virtually every Internet user is able. To find a method best suit to his individual preferences. Several image search options also make it a method for Internet users of all ages. Even seniors! What’s more. Image search is enabl by the most popular web browsers, such as Chrome. Firefo, Safari or ge and Internet Eplorer. Search by image using drag and drop Searching by photo using the Drag and drop method on the computer turns out to be very intuitive.

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Just launch your browser and open Google. Images google image search button Source Google search On your computer, find the image you want to learn more about. Then click on the graphic and while holding down the left mouse button, flip the image and drop it in the search bo. Search by image using drag and database drop Source Google search Search by photo by sending it to the search engine Searching for an image by uploading a file is just as intuitive and simple. Just launch your browser and open Google Images by clicking on Image Search there. Then select the Upload file option, select the graphic you are interest in and click Open or Select.


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Ready! Search by photo by sending it to the search engine Source Google search Image search by URL Here the task is a bit more time consuming. Open your browser and go to the page where the image you are interest in is locat. Then right-click on it, selecting Copy image address. Then open Google Images, click on the image search option, select the copi link into the tet field and press Search. Ready! Image search by URL Source Google search Search by image using Search Image on Google On your computer, open a browser and launch Google Images, search Phone Number MX for the image you are interest.

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