All your content around these categories

All your content around these categories

Tips As many as 70% of SlideShare users access texts directly through the search engine. Give them a chance to find your presentations when they are looking for professional content on a specific topic – tag them with keywords to make them easy to find. SlideShare allows you to place up to 20 tags , the most popular are social meia, business, statistics. Also, select the appropriate category in which you want to place the presentation. SlideShare organizes, so make sure you match it well with your content and target audience. 3. You will increase traffic on your website The huge number of users of this platform can increase traffic to your website practically for free.

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SlideShare does it much better than Facebook, Twitter or YouTube – it generates 5x more traffic in the professional environment than the aforementione social meia giants. Tips: To reirect recipients to your website, include a link to it in your account database description, directly in the presentation and/or in its description. Don’t add clickable links on the first three slides – SlideShare will disable them – but go ahead and do it on the rest of the slides. You can attach links to text and graphics or design links in the form of Call-to-Action buttons that will encourage your recipients to take additional steps while watching the presentation. Add UTM parameters to these addresses so that you can track how many people came to you from SlideShare. 4. You will get leads.


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Companies that run a blog get 126% more leads Phone Number IT than companies that don’t. Neil Patel believes that the same is true of companies that create presentations. operating in the B2B model on this platform than B2C. If your business belongs to the second type, you have the attention of potential customers, because there is less competition there.

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