Marketing Campaigns In Social Meia Or E Mail

Marketing Campaigns In Social Meia Or E Mail

When watching an ad, they are critical and suspicious. When interacting with a celebrity’s social profile or relaxing with a series, they don’t think in these terms. types of product placement What is product placement? Different types of product placement allow you to reach customers when they don’t expect it. Increasingly, paid VOD platforms or online journals allow you to bypass advertising. However, there is no blocking of content that appears on the screen during a cooking show or action movie. To some extent, the power of association with a celebrity or an actor who uses a selecte object in such a production works here.

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In addition, the viewer can immeiately see how to use the item, which stimulates his imagination. We recommend Brand DNA: a unique recipe for business success When one of the producers release a waterproof smartphone on the market, the database well-known series lawyer demonstrate on the screen that the floode one still works. In addition, in the current deluge of information, the mere presence of a particular brand for a few seconds or minutes on the screen is a greater chance that such a person will remember it.


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The right types of product placement in a movie or series that will achieve cult status is a dream. Such productions as Wayne’s World or Top Gun are still walking showcases of shoes, drinks and sunglasses, which are cleverly place on the screen. Will product Phone Number MX placement help in the development of your company? Check! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Types of product placement The classification according to the types of product placement can be starte from the frequency of the message. Pamela Miles Homer in the Journal of Advertising (2009) lists two types: subtle and pronounce.

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