Understand the concepts of dimensions and metrics

Understand the concepts of dimensions and metrics

What did you think of the story? Isn’t it so complicated? What if I told you that you have just opened your mind to the wonderful world of digital analytics? Now we are going to relate our story to your website . In fact, the stand is your website and the specialist is Google Analytics which, by default, collects a series of data about visits. Data that it can identify itself and about which you can later ask.

Dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics

That’s it! That easy. Don’t tell me you’re not getting it, I don’t believe it. Hey? Come on, a “for category email list dummies” ( which if I say for dummies is ugly ) : The specialist makes some pages with tables where he writes down hair color, height and everything he knows how to collect (dimensions) and then he is able to add up and make calculations of everything he has written down (metrics).

What are custom metrics and dimensions?

Indeed! It is that case in which we have to collect a piece of information (such as the color of Phone Number MX underwear) and our specialist (Google Analytics) tells us that by default it does not do so but that if we tell him so, he can write it down . That is exactly what custom dimensions or metrics are: a way to pass data to Analytics, which it does not collect by default and which depend on our specific case but, once we pass it on, we can cross-reference it with others and use it to respond.

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