How to use Tag Manager to record interaction on your website

How to use Tag Manager to record interaction on your website

Listen, I’m really telling you. I just spent 45 (no! Not Cusco!) minutes trying and retrying to record the video that accompanies this post. Every time I recorded it I said “pay close attention when setting up the conversion goal in Analytics, it has to be exactly the same as in Tag Manager or it doesn’t work.” And then I went and it didn’t work out and it was because of a capital letter there. This is what it is!

Why record the interaction of our users?

There I was, smiling while José showed me his super cool website. An ecommerce top industry data that doesn’t even look good. Those at Amazon do not stop making offers for everything on the website. Cucha, he was extremely proud. Then I looked at him and said, “the add to my wishlist button has to go.” He turned white on me… Have you ever wondered if there are elements on your website that, despite being cooler than Baltasar’s thong, are useless?v

Step by step: record clicks in Analytics with Tag Manager

I put some section titles that are from deSEO. Do you catch? Hey? Do you see how fine? Well, now that you are rubbing Phone Number MX your hands, not because of the cold but because of the number of questions that you will be able to answer in a few days, I am going to tell you how to do it. OK? Of course, if you are a lazy person, then take a look at the video. If not, then read. And if you want a starter guide to Tag Manager , then there you have it.

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