How we want to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive e-commerce

How we want I don’t know how many times we have had to change the . Therefore,counter back on the landing page . To be honest, the launch has gone as expected . Plans never come together and delays are normal. “Good things come to wait” as someone said on Twitter.

Payment in installments for all products How we want

Payment in installments for all products In all Quondos stores we use industry email list payment methods that facilitate. Therefore, payment in installments. In this way, purchases of up to 2,000 euros can be financed. It is an option that some large stores also offer. In our case. Therefore, the interests are lower than what they usually offer . At the level of pricing policy we are not going to enter into any war. Therefore, because in the end they have much more financial muscle than us.

Offer of geek products that you can't find everywhere highly competitive e-commerce

Offer of geek products that you can’t find everywhere To attract Phone Number MX traffic from social networks, we bet on geeky products that not. Therefore, everyone usually has. Among them I would highlight a pedometer like the one from Geeksme or an electric bicycle with a treadmill like the Lopifit. They are products that, due to their characteristics. 

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