The average age of the foreign self-employed

The average age of the foreign self-employed

Higher than that of the national and the female profile predominated, compared to the male in the case of national promoters. Finally, self-employed workers. However, among the foreign self-employed, the percentages of promoters with primary and secondary education, as well as university studies, were higher than those observed in the case of the national self-employed. Our results indicate that the survival probabilities of businesses run by immigrant entrepreneurs are lower than those started by native self-employed people. As seen in the graph, the empirical survival curve of foreign promoters is systematically below that of native promoters.

These differences are maintained when controlled

Econometric methods for various basic characteristics of the businesses and the personal profiles of the self-employed (such as location, level of initial investment and sector of business activity and educational level and sex of the promoter, among other variables). Estimated  USA Telegram Number Data  survival curves for businesses with foreign and national promoters (Kaplan-Meier method) Our analysis focuses on companies that enjoyed support with resources and public advice. In the case of foreign self-employed, they are, therefore, immigrant entrepreneurs who had a certain degree of integration in the host community.

Survival among foreign self-employed workers

Lower than that of nationals for all groups by educational level; However, these differences were very wide in the case of self-employed people with only primary or ESO education; They were lower in the case of self-employed people with a university education, reducing  Australia Telegram Number List even more in the case of self businesses and that this factor plays an even more relevant role for immigrants. Higher education seems to provide cognitive instruments that allow immigrants to overcome the specific barriers they face in the development of their entrepreneurial initiatives.

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