The spread of and its effects on the Spanish economy

The spread of and its effects on the Spanish economy

The spread of COVID-19 and its effects on the Spanish economy: a regional analysis Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on In Compartment in . Google Plus  University of Barcelona. The exceptional nature of the 19 pandemic has   for a radical change in the way of decision-making regarding the management of the economic situation in times of health emergency. In this new framework.  Academic research is  to contribute knowledge about recent experience and . Provide tools that allow us to face future health crises in the most efficient way possible, building a more resilient social and economic model.

To this end, the Anàlisi Catalunya

The project pandemic in various territories . Putting it in relation to some of its most relevant socioeconomic characteristics; has studied the impact on regional and local economies. Paying special attention to specific sectors  has Hong Kong Telegram Number Data  the effect of the adoption of non-pharmaceutical measures. Confinement, teleworking, etc. On various areas such as, for example, work. The analyzes carried out by the researchers participating in the project have been  and  thanks to the interaction with external researchers and political managers to participate in the . Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics . Annually by AQR and whose latest edition is It was held on  at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona.

On this occasion, as the final event of the project

Under the title “The Economics of a Pandemic. Lessons from  presentations related to.  On the one hand, the effect of various socioeconomic factors on the incidence of the pandemic in different territories and.  On the other hand, with the impact on Germany Telegram Number List  national and local economies. And the reaction from these to policies to minimize their effect and stimulate an exit from the crisis. The round table. In the first session, Marcos Sanso and  the. University of . Zaragoza and the London School of Economics, respectively. Their papers. Under the title  of cases to be better .

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