Challenges, policies and governance of territories in the post-covid era

Challenges, policies and governance of territories in the post-covid era

Challenges, policies and governance of territories in the post Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By José A. Camacho  Regional Studies Meeting will be held in Granada under the motto “Challenges, policies and governance of the territories in the post-covid era.” With almost half a century of history and a large group of experts . The Spanish Association of Regional Science (AECR) is preparing what is the main meeting in our country of researchers  to the study of the relationships between geography, economy and society from a perspective regional. In  the together with the University Institute for Regional Development Research  University of Granada and the Joint Research Center ( JRC) of the European Commission.

As in previous editions, the Regional

Studies Meeting is a multidisciplinary meeting point that allows an overview of regional science and the analysis of the territory as a starting element, being the main annual event that takes place in Spain in which refers to the study, debate and presentation of academic  Taiwan Telegram Number Data works around territorial and regional concepts. Economic and social activity cannot be  without the territory. Geographic space, like time.  Is a key factor in explaining human events. The scope of regional studies is.  Therefore, as broad as the scope of social sciences in general. This breadth is  in the Regional Studies Meeting where a multitude of topics relevant to the Social Sciences are .  Always with an emphasis on the regional perspective. This pandemic has in addition to generating different problems . That have  the environmental, social and economic spheres.

This edition aims to focus on the analysis

The great territorial challenges that will have to  after this pandemic. As well as on the actions and the for coordination of the actors that will implement the recovery policies. During the four days of the event, technical workshops will be held to share new India Telegram Number List  techniques and methodologies for analyzing  data. As well as tools for analyzing environmental risks in the territory. Multiple special sessions and round tables will be held with experts  in specific fields of Regional Science and, in addition.  Interaction activities will be  for the entire community that forms the . Spanish Association of  in era and with a war on the borders of the European Union, as well as the different changes that has brought with it in localization.

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