Advanced indicators for the analysis of the urban economic

Advanced indicators for the analysis of the urban economic

Situation  indicators for the analysis of the urban economic situation Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Share on Google Plus  analysis of the economic situation is preferably  out on the demand side. For this reason, both the INE and the Bank of Spain prioritize the demand perspective to analyze the current situation of the Spanish economy. In the case of the urban economy. The demand-side approach is especially complex, basically due to the difficulty  in estimating foreign relations, what is known in national accounts as “rest of the world.” For this reason, monitoring.  The urban situation is normally  on the supply side, with sectoral and labor market indicators. This note presents an approach to the urban economic situation from the demand side.

This approach is internationally approved

Complex or expensive and can be a good complement to the usual monitoring from the supply point of view. The approach is  on two indicators, the Consumer Confidence New Zealand Telegram Number Data  Index and the Commercial Sector Confidence Index . Both are part of both the “leading indicators” of the OECD and the indicators of the “Business and consumer surveys” reports of the European Commission. The Consumer of an economy and, therefore, key in the analysis of its short-term evolution. The consumer confidence indicator measures the feeling, optimistic or pessimistic, that households have regarding their economy, both in the past and in the future, according to their expectations. This feeling conditions your consumption plans. For this reason, investors, manufacturers, banks and governments use this indicator in the diagnosis of economic dynamics.

The Consumer Confidence Index was born

The sixties in the  States, at the initiative of a non-profit business group. The Conference Board , and also by the University of Michigan. Subsequently, it has spread both within countries and international organizations. In the OECD, the CCI appears as a  France Telegram Number List  along with the business confidence indicator. In the European Commission it is the responsibility of . In the European Business Cycle Indicators program .  In the case of Barcelona, ​​the CCI has. Municipal Data Office, with a semiannual periodicity and a sample of 800 individuals per wave.

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