Internal migrations pre and post in Catalonia Internal

Internal migrations pre and post in Catalonia Internal

Migrations pre and post- weeks ago, the statistics on internal migrations corresponding to the year 2021 published by the Institute of Statistics of Catalonia were . Data that can be very relevant to understanding the processes of spatial redistribution of the population in Catalonia in the context of the phenomenon of depopulation. rural (a growing problem in many European countries) and the post- effects. On the one hand, with regard to rural depopulation.  It is a phenomenon that has been happening for many years now . Within a much broader process known as demographic transition) and that has gradually “emptied” the rural towns of former Catalonia since the second half of the 19th century.

On the other hand, one of the effects derived from

Growing preference of citizens for smaller towns, outside of large urban agglomerations. This change in location preferences is explained by the confinements that occurred during the existence of greater facilities to withstand these restrictions in smaller towns, thanks to lower  Canada Telegram Number Data prices in the real estate sector (which allow the purchase of homes of larger dimensions) and to the perception that the risk of contagion is greater in large cities. Thus, during the months immediately following the confinements.  Various indicators detected a set of population relocations from central cities to their rural peripheries or to smaller municipalities located on the coast, which in many cases consisted of second homes.

It would therefore be a question of contrasting

Extent the The Bank of Spain includes.  The  as the main indicator of the aggregate demand of the Spanish economy in the Economic Bulletin and has shown its cyclical correlation with the evolution . There is no completely homogeneous methodology for Brazil Telegram Number List  calculating the .  Confidence is always defined as an average between the retrospective . Evaluation epidemic would have  migratory patterns to the benefit of smaller towns or whether.  On the contrary, said shock would not have substantially  been heterogeneous. With a more marked rebound in the case of the labor market. Household economy  falls slightly, and both remain below the values ​​of a year ago.

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