MONO Madrid joins the ACT

MONO Madrid joins the ACT

MONO Madrid thus joins the ACT . Association with which it shares the vision that creativity and talent applied to the construction of value are the fundamental pillars of business in this sector. For Jorge Fesser. General director of MONO Madrid. He assures that independent creative agencies are increasingly gaining more weight in the advertising industry and, as main actors in it. They must be agents of change, transformation and, above all, self-criticism if they want to improve conditions. of our sector.

The Association of Transformative Creativity Agencies

Has announced that the MONO Madrid agency will join the entity as a partner. In fact, the Association of Transformative Creativity category email list Agencies has two key objectives : firstly, to defend all the interests of the member agencies and secondly. To protect ideas as a transformative weapon for business . Because, as they themselves declare: «Ideas are business and this is the fundamental concept on which ACT is structured. “We want to reclaim creativity as a tool to generate business.

Mono Madrid His Career

MONO Madrid opened its doors just three years ago. During this time, MONO has been named best creative agency twice at the Phone Number MX Ondas Awards . Has obtained numerous recognitions at the El Sol festival , at the Eficacia Awards. At the National Creativity Awards (Club de Creativos) or at El Ojo de Iberoamérica. among others. Creatively led by Sito Morillo, Bitan Franco and Nando Vega Olmos as executive creative directors. Jorge Fesser as general director. The four founding partners at the helm of the agency have demonstrated that by putting the value of creative ideas first. Great ideas can be built. brands opening market for new agencies.

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