Apple removes the lyrics of an allegedly racist song

Apple removes the lyrics of an allegedly racist song

When last September Apple raised the curtain on its new family of smartphones. It dedicated a promotional video to two of the devices, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Therefore, that at the time went rather unnoticed. But that has recently sparked a wave of protests. On the networks of networks- In the video in question. Excerpt of the song “Biggest” performed by the British actor. Musician Idris Elb a was heard. In the lyrics of the song the word “biggest” was repeated repeatedly. Some (perhaps poorly thought out. Perhaps simply hard of hearing) believed that what they were hearing was a racist insult. The pronunciation of “biggest” is reminiscent (only slightly) of the pronunciation of “nigger. a term with undeniable racist connotations in the English language

Given the unexpected criticism

That its promotional video for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus has aroused. Apple has preferred to cut corners and completely eliminate the industry email list lyrics of the song. Currently you can only hear the instrumental. Music of the song “Biggest” in the advertisement. Without the lyrics of the song, however, the video loses both strength and coherence because “biggest” alluded to the power housed in the bowels of the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus (and also to the colossal size of the latter device). Even so, the apple company has preferred to avoid finding itself unnecessarily in the eye of the storm and has opted for the drastic decision of eliminating what some have interpreted.

Letter of a racist nature

Clearly wrongly as a letter of a racist nature. Therefore, the lyrics of the song that could originally be heard in the video were: “Biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest, it’s the biggest Phone Number MX bounce of the summer . This is a phrase that connected perfectly with the size of the screen. Therefore, enormous iPhone 14 Plus whose benefits were sold precisely in the video. Therefore, it’s a shame that Idris Elba’s pronunciation of the syllables of the word “biggest” (overlaid with the instrumental music in the background) unfortunately led to confusion and was interpreted by some as a racist insult.

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