The boycott against the Qatar World Cup is a dish that is served cold

The boycott against the Qatar World Cup is a dish that is served cold

Football is without a doubt one of the great passions of the French. Whose team has been proclaimed, not in vain. World champions on two occasions. However, there is something that the citizens of the neighboring country love even more (if possible) than football: food. And gastronomy is precisely the claim of an ingenious campaign by the French football magazine So Foot to boycott the controversial Football World Cup currently being held in Qatar. So Foot has come up with a restaurant specifically aimed at those French people who will give up watching the World Cup matches this year.

The accusations of corruption

The lack of protection of the LGBT community and the systematic violation of human rights in Qatar are leading many football fans (even the most staunch) to boycott top industry data the tournament. The unique So Foot restaurant aims to tempt those French people who will not follow the World Cup in Qatar . But who would never dare to boycott a meal away from home. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here Named “So Food”, the establishment. Conceived by the French agency BETC Paris. Has opened its doors in the French capital. And every time the French team plays a match in Qatar, the restaurant will raise the blinds for 90 minutes.

Customers with free cooking classes

Chef will entertain  that will be inspired by the local cuisine of France’s rivals in the group stage of the World Cup: Australia, Denmark and Tunisia. When Phone Number MX France and Australia met a few days ago in Qatar. So Food customers learned, for example, how to cook sausage rolls, escarole salads, chicken parmesan and fruit pavlova. All dishes prepared at “So Food” will be donated to On Remplit Le Frigo . NGO that collects and distributes food boxes to students in need. About a month ago, the American magazine Howler also decided to boycott (in its own way) the World Cup in Qatar through four songs performed by the trash metal band Beekeeper whose lyrics gave voice in an extraordinarily loud way to the protests born in the heat of the tournament.

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