Listen to your customers (or future customers)

Listen to your customers (or future customers)

Data analytics can indeed help you uncover trends that are increasingly sought after by online consumers.

For example, Google Trends shows a long-term overview of niche trends. Also at Google, the Keyword Planner allows you to find the most popular keywords used by your target demographic, and a range of potential usage, as well as the bid level of those keywords within of a future advertising campaign.

It is always very beneficial to talk to your customers. After all, they are  Listen to your the ones who boil the pot, and they only ask that you listen to them in order to improve your offer to better meet their needs! Don’t be afraid to chat with them and learn more about the pressure points your company can press on to help them meet their expectations.

Regular qualitative surveys of your existing customer base could provide you with valuable insights into possible changes in their behaviors and needs.

If you are a brand new business, you can also implement target-oriented market research.

5. Observe your competitors

Most successful businesses don’t follow the crowd; they innovate to stand out, to stand out.

This does not mean that you should not observe your competitors! This can give you an idea of ​​their positioning in the market, and let you know if (and how) they are reacting to what  Oman Phone Number List could be considered an emerging trend.

Often, just looking at their website , customer reviews, and social media channels is enough to understand how you stack up against your competition.

6. Create or join a “think tank”

As in politics, you can join a think tank to get advice and identify the next trends in your market.

To do this, get involved in your sector. Join professional Listen to your  associations, attend their events, take training and participate in online communities. They bring together market   experts and can help you identify trends. You can also create your own group by bringing together partners, suppliers or customers.

Also, use LinkedIn to find experts or influencers and invite them to join you. Their intuitions will be useful to expand your knowledge of the market.

7. Analyze complementary sectors

To identify trends in your market, look to complementary products and services. You share a single target and they are not your competitors. For example, a packaging company must monitor trends in all markets concerned by the type of packaging planned: food, cosmetics, industry, etc.

If the analysis shows that consumers are increasingly traveling  Listen to your with their meals, it must strengthen the resistance of its packaging. If she discovers that buyers prefer larger formats for personal  Phone Number MX care products, in order to save money, she will have to create larger packaging.

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