Write the text both for the visitor and

Write the text both for the visitor and

This is the main feature and highlight of optimizing online stores!  in a way that would bring maximum benefit to the client (if he read it). Example of optimization of a separate category Let’s assume that we have an online shoe store that we are currently promoting. We in the Women’s Sneakers category. The article for this section should contain “dynamic prices” from lowest to highest. Size chart, information about materials and manufacturers, brands. This section needs to be linked with the parent category.

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Lower hierarchical chains, such as Italy Phone Number List brands (presented in the category) and links to additional information with delivery conditions. Blog for an online store Your own blog with useful articles on the topic of the store can bring you interested users and increase your presence in search results. The blog will also increase the trust of visitors by securing the image of an expert the resource. When filling out a blog, it is important consider: Subject .

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Interest potential customers and rank for Cambodia Phone Number List relevant queries. Internal content optimization . Please ensure that articles meet the criteria listed above. Frequency and regularity of publications . This will affect the indexing of the site by search engines and. The number of regular readers ( why the site may not be indexed ). Internal linking of articles . Links other useful articles will increase the time spent on the site and the depth of browsing. Factors taken into account when ranking. Converting elements . Provide links products so that users can easily purchase the product.

Give me the opportunity subscribe the blog. Technical optimization Promoting an online store is impossible without technical optimization of the site. If more technical errors discovered, the robots will simply not allow the site to rank high. Next we will look at what you need to pay attention to first. Setting up robots.txt and sitemap.xml files These files contain individual commands from which site indexing begins.

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