There are many types of this method

There are many types of this method

 Method is the process of creating and changing systems as well as the models and methodologies used to develop software engineering systems. The SDLC method is here to help you in product development. , but here we will focus on discussing only 4 methods. The following are 4 SDLC methods in software development. Waterfalls SDLC Waterfall Method The first SDLC method is waterfall. The waterfall method is a work method that emphasizes sequential and systematic phases. It is called a waterfall because the process flows in one direction “down” like a waterfall. This waterfall method must be carried out sequentially according to the existing stages. The following are the development stages in the waterfall method. 

Requirements gathering and analysis

 Collecting complete requirements to be analyzed and defining what needs must be achieved by the program. Information can be obtained through interviews, discussions, or surveys. Design Design software design as an estimate before creating the code. System designs can be created using Flowcharts, Mind Maps, or Entity Relationship whatsapp database Diagrams (ERD). Implementation This implementation is the stage where all designs that have previously been created are converted into program codes. The resulting code is still in the form of modules that must be combined at the next stage. Integration & testing At this stage, the modules that have been created are combined and tested to find out whether the software created is in accordance with the design and function or not.

The user or client directly tests

 Verification At this stage,  the system, whether the system is in accordance with the approved requirements or not. Operation & maintenance This stage is the final stage of the waterfall model. The system has been completed and carried out maintenance. Maintenance consists of Phone Number MX correcting errors that were not found in the previous step. Each method used definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are the advantages of the waterfall method: Has an ordered process, so work can be scheduled well and easily. Suitable for systems with low complexity (predictable). Each process carried out cannot overlap with each other. The following are the disadvantages of the waterfall method.

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