Coding is an activity or process for writing

Coding is an activity or process for writing

 Coding code that must comply with certain writing rules (syntax) of the programming language used. Coding itself is in the form of a collection of codes that can be combined into a program. Currently, there are several programming languages that are quite popular and widely used. The programming language used in coding depends on what product or program you want to develop. You can learn coding independently at Dicoding Indonesia or by studying specifically, such as studying in the Informatics Engineering department. By learning coding you can get useful benefits for your future career. The following are the are often used in the process of making flowcharts. Flowcharts Are: Functions, Types, Symbols, and Examples The symbols above have different types and functions. Some function to connect one symbol to another .

Benefits you can get from

 learning to code: You can use your coding skills to earn income, either by working alone (freelancing) or joining a company operating in the technology sector. To develop a mindset, in coding you are required to be able to solve problems and look for logical steps so that a program can work well. Improve communication skills. In ws data creating a program you will definitely not work alone, you will work with a team. You can practice your communication skills with the team to solve a problem that occurs during program creation. Programming Different from coding as explained above, programming does not only involve coding but also involves other tasks, such as analysis, creating concepts, implementing algorithms, solving problems, and understanding data structures. In short, programming is a process of designing and building computer 

Programs to achieve certain results

 The goal of programming is to find a sequence of instructions that will automate tasks on a computer. Programming must also be studied the same as coding. Apart from that, programming has benefits that are similar to coding, what are the benefits of programming? Here are some of the benefits of learning programming: Just like coding, if you have programming Phone Number MX skills then you can use your skills to earn income. Programming can hone your thinking skills, logical and reasoning abilities so that you have good problem solving skills for small problems or even complex problems. Programming can also improve your analytical skills. Difference between Coding and Programming After reading the explanation about coding and programming above, now let’s find out the difference between coding and programming. 

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