Already expert and experienced

Already expert and experienced

and project management. Produces a complete application that is ready to use. How do you see the difference between coding and programming? Even though it is different, coding is an inseparable part of programming. The words programming and coding are different verbs. Coding itself is the process of writing codes to create commands. Meanwhile, questions about this program? Contact us via email to [email protected] Cheer up! —Continuing the success of IDCamp in 2019 and 2020 which has produced 13,018 certified developers, Indosat Ooredoo is again holding IDCamp 2021 which has provided more than 38,000 scholarships to study coding in Basic and Beginner classes in 6 main learning .

Today we have selected Elementary

Streams for young Indonesian developers. and Beginner class graduates who have the right to proceed to the next stage, namely the Intermediate class, based on the best graduation rating and learning progress. The list of selected participants to receive Middle class scholarships ws number list for the 2021 IDCamp program can be seen at the following link: Congratulations to the participants who were successfully selected! We will distribute email announcements of recipients and Middle class scholarship tokens via email on Wednesday, August 4 2021 at a maximum of 23.59 WIB. In doing this, you will get online mentoring.

Happy learning fellow Indonesian

 Sessions from selected facilitators until the end of each advanced class.  developers. Don’t waste the opportunity to create your best portfolio and pursue the opportunity to advance to this Advanced class scholarship! Let’s together improve the quality of programming in Indonesia. For those of you who haven’t been selected, don’t be discouraged. There are still many Phone Number MX ways to become a great developer in the future. Look forward to other coding scholarship programs for Indonesian developers from IDCamp and Dicoding. If you still have questions, please email: [email protected] Greetings and good luck! Indosat Ooredoo Digital Camp 2021.

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