The importance of the main exporter

The importance of the main exporter


Regional exports The importance of the main exporter in regional exports 25/10/2023 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Juan de Lucio on an annual average, the main exporting company was responsible for approximately 2.9% of the country’s total exports. The top 10 exporters concentrated of sales abroad, while the 100 companies that sold the most abroad accounted for 38.0% and the first  companies accounted for  of total exports. Export concentration figures similar to those observed in other countries and to those found for Spain regarding the concentration of production and employment. Which suggests that the elements underlying this concentration are of a structural nature and not specific to the exports.

In historical trajectory, there is a slight

Decrease in the concentration of exports for the group of 10 main companies, and an increase when a larger number of companies is considered the technological Italy Phone Number Data  bubble, in 2008 the financial crisis. And in  the pandemic. Large companies reduce their sales in global markets more than the rest of the world. exporters, and therefore the concentration of exports in these companies decreases slightly. Graph 1. Evolution of the percentage of total exports of goods corresponding to the largest exporters for the period evidence reveals that, in general. The concentration of exports in the or country of destination.

Specifically, if for Spain as a whole

The concentration of the top  was on average for the period analyzed reaching its maximum in Soria with . In general, a negative correlation is observed Spain Phone Number List  between the participation of the main . Exporter and the economic size of a province. Graph 2. Concentration in the 100 main goods exporting companies for the 10 provinces with the highest exports. Source: own elaboration with AEAT-Customs data. The main provinces are those that have the greatest accumulated weight in exports during the period. Regarding the significant De Lucio et al.

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