Economic impact of the Spanish Public University

Economic impact of the Spanish Public University


System . Territorialized analysis for the year Economic impact of the Spanish Public University Share on .Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Jordi Joaquim Murillo. University of Barcelona. This study arises from the interest of the Ministry of Universities in knowing the economic impact generated .The jobs they generate. The review of the preceding economic literature shows that the economic impact studies of Spanish universities are  on more or less similar methodological approaches. But not entirely coincident and, furthermore. There is no territorialized study that addresses the impact of the public university system. Spanish with a single and homogeneous methodology, and for the same year.

Thus, the objective is to carry

Out a single study that, based on the same methodology and for a single year, estimates the economic impact of Spanish public universities, in the short term, for the state as a whole, and by autonomous communities and provinces. The objective is to analyze the economic impact in  France Phone Number Data terms of. Gross value added  and its contribution to  Production-billing, jobs, and .Tax collection. By obtaining these results. It is  of university activity. On the one hand, the existence of specific data that estimates the economic impact based on an identical methodology .Can undoubtedly be the source of new research that deepens the analyzes here. shown.

On the other hand, the quantification

The contributions of the . Spanish public university system in terms of the main macroeconomic variables contribution to GDP, and will enable society as  Sweden Phone Number List a whole to become more aware of its importance. In economic terms. More beyond the contributions to improving the educational level of the population. The results of the research and innovation they carry out. Which are now better known. To achieve the aforementioned objective.  The five main  up of companies with administrative concessions for services  within the university, companies located in the aforementioned parks. Business practices and volunteer work.

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