Symbols of the Great Northern

Symbols of the Great Northern

Situating ourselves in the Peruvian reality, perhaps this is a professional dimension to take into account, even more so if the Knowmad Society practically does not restrict anyone’s possibility of being one of its own.It is estimat that the cost of corruption in Peru is about US$10 billion annually, approximately 5% of GDP . Beyond the promises of successive governments to confront and try to eliminate this burden, there does not seem to be significant progress and even more worrying is the possibility that corruption continues to gain ground.

Brands in Recent Decades

This is what can be glean from Transparency International’s 2017 Corruption Perception Index, in which Peru appears in 96th place out of 180 and with only 37 points out of a possible 100. In an assessment of the results, Transparency International points out that progress against b2b email list corruption is going too slowly and concludes that, definitively, in those countries where there are no guarantees for freom of the press and institutional structures are fragile, corruption tends to be greater. . The first, apart from some proposals that seek a certain degree of control in the mia, does not currently represent a determining factor of corruption.

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 However, the precarious role play by institutions, with laws and regulations that few comply with and excessive bureaucracy – an ideal breing Phone Number MX ground for bribery and other evils – is. Nancy Yong, a consulting partner at PwC, point out in a note publish by El Comercio that in industries such as mining, construction and oil and gas extraction, their managers feel that corruption is a “significant threat”, since the enormous number of permits and coordination between public and private officials creates the perfect scenario to incur the payment of bribes .

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