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This already implies certain levels of complexity and time, and would be one of the reasons why for some children of the last generations reading a text of 20 or more pages often means an ordeal. To ruce this resistance once children are able to read, Dr. Solé recommends selecting reading so that they range from the simplest texts to those that require greater training and certain keys to decode them. It will be equally important that at home parents invite reading by example. “There is no way to transmit the pleasure of reading if it is not experienc.

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 It is very difficult for a boy to get hook on reading if he does not see anyone reading at home,” she emphasizes. In this sense, she quotes the French author Daniel Pennac, who has said that “reading is business lead one of those verbs, like loving or desiring, that very poorly admit the imperative . ” Finally, Isabel Solé states that “encouraging reading means making others want to read what you have read, and that involves commenting, relating with other areas… sometimes they are not direct paths, as when we talk about encouraging, but something subtle, more indirect: suce.

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Although in the 2015 Pisa Test Peru made progress in the three basic items that this evaluation measures -science, reading comprehension and mathematics- , it is evident that we are still lagging behind in relation to the countries that register the highest scores and even with several neighbors in the region. Specifically, in reading we obtain 398 points, quite Phone Number MX far from Singapore (535), Canada (527) and Hong Kong (527), the three world benchmarks, and even below the average of 493 points recommend by Pisa. Given these results, one might wonder if, in fact, technology, its new platforms and new digital ways of reading and writing are counteracting these capabilities to some extent.

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