Japanese Brands and Later Korean

Japanese Brands and Later Korean

Given these results, one might wonder if, in fact, technology, its new platforms and new digital ways of reading and writing are counteracting these capabilities to some extent. There are many thinkers who have prict that the Internet and social networks will end up giving them the finishing touch, and that in the not distant future, as it was at the dawn of civilizations, reading and writing will be a prerogative of certain elites. With a more optimistic vision, Isabel Solé, professor and researcher at the University of Barcelona, ​​maintains that reading is a basic ne and therefore the possibility of it disappearing is very remote .

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Reading and writing are essential instruments to not be discriminat against and are essential in our daily lives. “They allow us to press the keys on an ATM and know business email list which bus line to take to following a recipe.” Solé is convinc that reading is a key that opens the door to worlds that would otherwise be unknown , and considers that more than a technique it represents a competence. “Therefore,” she adds, “a system that does not train readers is a system that nes to review its operation.

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The specialist sees nothing wrong with people reading and writing through WhatsApp, which she considers an appropriate resource for the times: fast and within reach. However, she cautions that this does not mean that Phone Number MX everything should be written or read that way. “There is a lot of research that says this type of instant reading makes us faster, more multitasking. But nothing comes for free: it also takes away our concentration,” she explains. And certainly reading means concentrating, interpreting, giving meaning and relating the content through our knowlge .

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