Executives on assignment

Executives on assignment

DreamTeam was born in 2008, when wage portage was recognized by the Labor Code. The network now has 8 agencies throughout France, nearly 1,000 consultants and 450 corporate clients.Specialized in IT professions, and  Executives on  more specifically digital, IT, communication on assignment and telecommunications, Dreamteam bases its offer on 4 pillars:

  • management services;
  • Sales support services;
  • Service commitments;
  • Career and training management.

The company is also a member of the national union of wage portage companies (PEPS).

4. Regie-portage

Created by a former freelancer, salaried worker, Regie-portage prides itself on offering the best net salary to its self-employed workers.

The company bears the “Zero hidden on assignment  costs” label which guarantees transparency in the management fees and other taxes levied. Regie-portage commission costs do not exceed 5% and are capped at €600.

3 sectors of activity are mainly supported by Executives on  the company: IT, construction and interim management.

In addition, the advantages offered to freelancers are numerous:

  • Real housing occupancy compensation  Cambodia Phone Number List in the event of teleworking;
  • Unpaid invoice insurance;
  • Employee savings ;
  • Tax exemption for the redemption of RTT days;
  • Tickets restaurant, Tickets CESU, PERCO, PEE ;
  • Gifts…


  • Accounting for investments through depreciation

With Cadres en mission , it is the personalized support of the freelancer that takes precedence! Each self-employed person reports to a human resources officer. This is Executives on  what makes the strength of this wage portage company, which specializes in supporting independent consultants, trainers and interim managers.

The advantage of Cadres en on assignment mission? An accompaniment even abroad.
The organization facilitates the search for  Phone Number MX assignments by publishing national and international offers on its site, to which freelancers can respond.Finally, the management fees charged remain average since they are between 5 and 10%.

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