Use the 10-minute break effectively

Use the 10-minute break effectively

More than 88,000 French freelancers operate under the wage portage system. This status has many advantages for the self-employed, who can claim the same social protection as employees and obtain administrative, legal and commercial support.Today, France has more than 300 wage portage companies . This is a sector that is growing by 20% every year.

Which porting partner to choose to launch  Use the 10-minute your business successfully? We offer you our top 10 wage portage companies in France as well as 7 tips for choosing the right wage portage company ! is part of the Freeland group, which includes several wage portage companies, mentioned in this article.

1. ITG

The carrier company ITG is one of the most experienced in the market. Launched in 1996, it supports more than 50,000 self-employed workers. An experience that it puts to the benefit of its employees.

Even if it does not have the “zero hidden costs” label, it is part of the wage portage union (PEPS) and claims to be 100% transparent. ITG has several advisers spread across France who support freelancers wishing to join it.

The other advantage of ITG is support in finding assignments. Nearly 14 professions are supported by this umbrella company. They range from digital to construction through marketing, communication, real estate or finance.

Finally, ITG offers very interesting social protection for freelancers and independent workers who seek to benefit from the advantages of employment while maintaining their independence.

You can do an online simulation to estimate  Cameroon Phone Number List  Use the 10-minute your income based on your current turnover. This will allow you to project yourself in order to better realize the salary and benefits you will be able to benefit from.

2. ABC Portage

ABC Portage is a wage portage company that has existed since 2012. Nearly 10,000 consultants have already trusted ABC Portage across France.

You can get an estimate of your salary in a few clicks thanks to an income simulation tool .

Many advantages allow ABC Portage to be a real alternative to simple freelance status. You can benefit from:

  • employee status on CDD or CDI;
  • total autonomy in the management of your activity;
  • assistance with administrative management;
  • social protection (social security, unemployment, pension contribution);
  • juridic protection ;
  • personalized support ;
  • related services (training, network, prospecting).

Find their complete guide on wage portage  to better Use the 10-minute  Phone Number MX  understand everything you are entitled to with the ABC Portage offer.

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