Merchant Center and integrate

Merchant Center and integrate

Advantages: Demonstration of products in arch results. Urs will not have to go to the site, and you will have the opportunity to immiately take a top position. Urs can go directly to the product page. Low cost per click. The rvice automatically prescribes keywords. Maximum simplifi tup. The disadvantages include: the prence of strict requirements for the content of the online store and moderation. It is almost impossible for a beginner to properly configure . Since today almost any niche has many competitors, brand advertising is becoming increasingly popular. 

Product Google Ads

Smart remarketing Remarketing ( Google Ads ) is Malaysia Phone Number List a technology that is aim at demonstrating advertising to urs who have already visit the resource, but have not complet the target action (purcha, call). A smart remarketing list is a list of urs with the highest probability of being ready to take a target action. Lists are generat using machine intelligence or configur by a PPC specialist in advance. The function is available for activation under the following conditions over the last 30 days. Brand targeting is a strategy aim at increasing business awareness, customer loyalty and building long-term relationships with it. 

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E-commerce transactions; Over 10,000 page Canada Phone Number List views. If the indicators on the resource do not reach the values, then the algorithm will u a site with similar characteristics that has agre to anonymously transfer its data. When creating smart lists, the following data is us: Location; Device; Browr; Referral URL; ssion duration; View depth. To create a list, you ne to install Google Analytics on your website and link it to your advertising account. In the “Administrator” tab, you ne to open “Audience ttings” and go to “Audiences”. Now lect “Smart List”. After that, give the list a name and t the time during which it will collect visitors. lect the accounts where you want to transfer the list and publish. Brand targeting Google advertising to promote an online store can be brand. 

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