Pinterest launched its new instant messaging system

Pinterest launched its new instant messaging system

Pinterest launched, Previously we could only send a pin to other people inside and outside this network, because perhaps with that pin we had a way to let them know that we have found something interesting or that they would most likely like, well that is history now… because from today We can also have a conversation with them (chat) . Pinterest presents its instant messaging system Pinners can now hold real-time discussions, in which they can not only exchange their pins, but also chat or share interesting information about them. That is, from today, users of this social image network will be able to communicate, collaborate and share pins and information with others without having to leave the platform or mobile application.

Pinterest Presents Its Instant Messaging System

So now when someone shares a PIN with us, we will be email contact list able to respond with a text message and/or send another PIN, generating greater interaction. Pinterest launched,  But this doesn’t end here, there is more good news: we will also be able to send pins and/or messages to several users at the same time (group chat) .For example, and as Pinterest tells us on its blog, let’s say you are organizing a camping trip with your friends, then now you will be able to send Pins to the whole gang so that they can know where they are going and what they have to bring. each one to eat… If you later need to remember what food each of them will bring, simply look up or back in the conversation, from your chat alerts.

The Evolution of Pinterest Messaging

Last year Pinterest launched its Pin delivery, which allowed Phone Number MX different users to share interesting content with their friends on and off the social network. Users who belonged to the platform, and were connected to us, would receive a notification in their alerts and others would receive an email message with a notification of the content that was shared with them. Since then, the feature has become very popular among users, reaching more than 2 million Pins sent per day. At first, sending Pins was a very good way to share content between users who had a common interest, but it did not provide many more alternatives or options for what to do later with those pins.

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