How much have we earned so far with Pokémon

How much have we earned so far with Pokémon. Pokémon is being a fun product to invest in. It’s also true that right now my focus is once again on Lego. That doesn’t mean I’ve left it behind entirely. In the day-to-day sales, Pokémon is playing an important role at the sales level. Yesterday, for example, out of 400 euros of total profit, 228 euros were from Pokémon.

The two categories of Pokémon

The two categories of Pokémon. When I buy Pokémon products I differentiate between two categories: Investment Letters – This can be graded or ungraded letters. I don’t plan a quick sale unless there is speculation about an increase in value over 3-5 years. Cards or resale product : These are usually bulk cards that the collector job function email list sells for a very low cost in batches that allow the creation of packs that generate an ROI greater than 100% in a matter of weeks. I also invest in sealed product that generates a 50-75% ROI in the short term.

Profit obtained until the end of September

Profit obtained until the end of September. I don’t have the updated figure for the investment in Pokémon but it possibly already exceeds 50k. At the level of letters sold, we have already sold more than 60k letters, generating a turnover of 37k with a profit of 13k. The investment has not yet been Phone Number MX recovered but we are on the right track. The bad thing is that we are still with the case open at Amazon to recover. Tthe money for the graded letters that were “lost” when they arrived at Amazon’s warehouses.

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