Promote a blog and its contents 11 Interesting strategies

Promote a blog and its contents 11 Interesting strategies

Promote a blog , A quality article with the right keywords plus good promotion is a killer formula! I imagine you have noticed that in the last two months I hardly have time to publish my own content (or from guest authors) with the high frequency that I did previously. Despite this, and with only 3 new posts in October, this blog has been able to beat its own web traffic record for the tenth consecutive time and reach almost 120 thousand monthly visits. What I’m telling you would not be possible without a good amount of quality.


Good Web Positionin

Content previously published email database (more than 600 posts) and the thousands of keywords that they have positioned in Google. This personal example mentioned above leads me to ask myself the following question: What happens if you are just starting your blog and you don’t have many posts or you don’t have good web positioning? Simple, to the creation of quality content you should add a fundamental factor to which not many bloggers dedicate the time it really deserves. I am referring to the promotion of our blog and its contents.


Publish content on Twitter

So what can I do to promote my Phone Number MX blog content to attract many more readers? It is in response to this question that, for this guest post, I have decided to accept the collaboration that Francisco Rodríguez has offered me from the Dominican Republic. Thinking about new bloggers, Francisco has prepared a guide for us with a series of 11 simple but at the same time powerful strategies, which entail a series of ideal actions to promote the contents of any blog on the Internet. I hope you enjoy it! 11 Strategies to promote your content.

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