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 I use Mail Poet both for Connect with subscription The Product Targeted Product forms Your Key and to send Good. This is Blogger3cero. Let’s talk about SEO once again. Article index The marketplace of which I myself was a member 2  the beast that never stops improving  being the first counts 4 Mass newspapers 5 What the hell is the best link building platform? 6 Personal reflection about link building in 2022 One of the most frequent questions I receive from my SEOW  students is: “hey Dean, what is the best platform to buy links?” It is a common conversation in the students.

Because new platforms Connect with appear every day

Telegram group. It is not a simple question because new platforms top industry data appear every day and the old ones improve. I think there is also a question of feeling with the platform, that is, for many years I bought at Publisuites because I was a friend of Mario, but over time I moved to Unancor, because it is the one that I consider to be the most complete, perhaps. Also another of the things that is most valued in marketplaces of this type is the possibility of “delegating” the purchase and management of your links. But to be honest, it’s something I’ve only done partially, that is, there’s a difference between delegating and abdicating.

Member related interface CONEXOO

An SEO should know “what is being done with your website or Phone Number MX your client’s website in terms of link building.” I am going to briefly talk about the markets that I consider most relevant due to their history, history and billing, in addition to the fact that they are the ones that I have used. And as I told you, at the end of the article.

I will talk about link building in a more general way, in 2022. The previous comments from the marketplaces are just the excuse to get to that final part of the content. Let’s get started. Conexoo: the marketplace of which I myself was a member related interface CONEXOO is a platform that I know in depth. Reason? I myself was part as a founding partner of this link building project in its initial phase.

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